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Back in 2015 Lauren and Oli received a gift voucher for a photoshoot from Theresa Elvin Photography. This was to celebrate the news that they were going to be expecting their first baby in the new year.

When they contacted me, they decided they would like to use the voucher to capture the beauty of their pregnancy with a maternity shoot. It was a lovely experience to capture the excitement of two people on the verge of becoming a family.

Once their photoshoot was complete, they decided there and then that they would like me to photograph their new baby when she arrived, so we converted their one off shoot into the 'Watch them Grow' package. This meant that they would have the opportunity of having three photoshoots within a year. So they decided to include the maternity shoot, a newborn shoot and then the final shoot would be near their baby's first birthday.

Violet Georgiana arrived in February and within a few days was in my Doncaster-based studio for her first photoshoot. She was a very good girl - with a tummy full of milk and a warm, cosy atmosphere, she slept throughout. 

That was a year ago. I have followed her first year via Mummy's facebook page and have watched her change from a baby to a toddler.

Last weekend she visited me again, shortly after her first birthday. She's now a little girl with a big personality, running around my studio and playing with all the toys and props designed to keep her happy.

We started with some individual and family portraits and then moved on to the cake smash part. Violet needed no persuading and quickly got her hands into the cake!

After the cake smash fun and games, we got the bath ready and I captured her playing in the water with the ducks.

Thank you Michelle for purchasing the gift voucher from me and to Lauren and Oli for choosing me to be their photographer. It has been such a privilege to be part of capturing this family's journey over the last year and I hope they'll treasure their photographs for ever.


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Review of 2016

Review of 2016


Well as we begin a new year, I always like to look back and review my little business and think about all the lovely newborns, children and families I've met in my Dunscroft studio or out and about around Doncaster.

Here's some stats:

  • I have carried out 134 separate photoshoots:
  • 20 of which were newborn photoshoots.
  • I met 118 different children - toddler to teens.
  • I have photographed 24 fairies and elves (Woodland fantasy themed minishoots);
  • Met 50 children for Christmas minishoots.
  • I ve snapped 7 cake smashes to celebrate first and second birthdays;
  • Had 10 adult portrait shoots, including glamour, boudoir and actors headshots;
  • Had 6 outdoor shoots - from Christenings to Teddy Bears' Picnic
  • Met 17 families for return photoshoots as part of the 'Watch them Grow package'
  • And welcomed 51 returning clients for another photoshoot in 2016.


And all this has been done at the weekend ! ( yes I have another job during the week). It's been very busy, but such fun. I have spent a lot of time (and money) receiving further training from master photographers in the field of newborn and fine art photography and even managed to win my first awards from The Guild of Photographers.

I can't wait to see what 2017 brings and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my wonderful, loyal clients for their continued support. Many of you are like old friends now and I love being a small part of your family's story.

From Lee and I (aka my right hand man), we hope you have a happy and healthy 2017!


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Christmas is coming...!

Christmas is coming....

Well I'm sure you can't fail to notice the darker nights brightened by Doncaster Christmas lights and the adverts designed to get us spending in preparation for the festive season...

Here at Theresa Elvin Photography we've been getting in the spirit of the season since September! This is when I did my practise minishoot in readiness for my marathon Christmas minishoot sessions, which kicked off in October.

So far I have met twenty different families and I have fifteen more to meet in the next few weeks! I'm very fortunate in that I often welcome previous clients in my Dunscroft studio at this time of year and it's wonderful to see how my little models have grown and changed.

This year we have two different sets - one snowy sleigh scene and one new indoor vintage Christmas tree scene and the great thing is, you don't need to choose! Lee and I change the scene so you can have photographs on both and choose your favourites from your gallery of images. You get two high resolution digital files as part of your minishoot, with permission to print your photos as many times as you want. They make great Christmas gifts!

So tomorrow morning I will once again get into the festive spirit with my Christmas tea-shirt and leggings, some Christmas music and lots of Christmas props. I'm not gong to lie - it's exhausting photographing six families in a day , but I do love it!

I've been fully booked since July, but I have a cancellation list for those who are interested. Just message me.

For further information on minishoots, have a look here on my website:

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Doncaster - my home Doncaster - my home.


This week I thought I'd share something completely different. Before I was photographing beautiful babies, cheeky children and fabulous families, my camera and I captured landscapes. So today in my blog I thought I'd share some of my Doncaster images.

I have been delighted to have some of my Doncaster photographs published . They have been incorporated into calendars and some of you have been kind enough to purchase them from Doncaster town centre. It was a very special moment for me to pick up one of my Doncaster calendars from the Frenchgate stall! In my 'day job' when we moved from the old council offices in 2012 to the new Civic building in Waterdale, I was honoured to have over 200 of my local photographs incorporated into the large wall mosaic on the ground floor of the Civic Offices and I pass them every day with a smile on my face on the way to work on the third floor.

South Yorkshire, and particularly Doncaster, often gets negative publicity in the media, but I want you to be proud of our town, as there are some beautiful places , as well as beautiful people, in and around Donny town!


For more of my images of Doncaster, have a look at my album on Flickr:

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Celebrating Success!

"Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try"


Do you make New Year's resolutions? I usually have one around being a size 10 again that I never manage to keep! However what I also do is make some business resolutions.

At the beginning of the year I pledged the following business resolutions:

  1. invest in more professional photography training;
  2. work harder to promote my existence;
  3. dare to submit some of my work to the Guild of Photographer's 'Image of the Month' competitions.

So in February I spent a day of one to one training in Grimsby with the lovely 'Jodie Leigh Photography' focussing on newborn photography. Whilst watching Jodie work with two newborns, I learned about safety and posing, as well as the technical elements of this field. I am so pleased that I have been able to put what I have learned into practise with all the beautiful newborn babies I have photographed since.

Then in May I attended the annual 'Newborn Photography Show' in Birmingham and participated in Gary Hill's Children's Fine Art Photography Workshops. It was inspirational to watch Gary create timeless, classical portraits and I couldn't wait to get home and persuade my little cousins to help me practise by being my models. As well as face to face training, I've watched lots of online tutorials around photography and editing, so I think I can say I am well on the way to achieving my first resolution - more training? Tick!

As far as the second resolution: to work harder to promote my existence - no doubt the fact that you're reading this means you've at the very least heard of me! I've also worked on improving my website, Facebook, Instagram, joined BANPAS (Baby and Newborn Photography Association) and I'm still working hard to get higher on Google's rankings! So resolution two - work in progress, but so far, so good - tick!

Now my final resolution was a little bit like the pipe dream of being a size 10 again - nice idea, but unlikely.  To dare to submit some of my work to the Guild of Photographer's 'Image of the Month' competitions is a 'big ask' as thousands of professional photographers do so every month and the standard is very high. I thought they would laugh me out of the room! However as the quote at the top of the page states: "Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try".

So in February I entered two of my best photos and was delighted to be awarded 'graded' which according to the Guild means 'The judges felt the image was of a high standard but not award winning at national competition level.' Eager to improve, I paid for some individual feedback for an hour on the phone from one of the judges and made copious notes.

So after my Fine Art training with Gary, I was determined to put all the training and mentoring into practise when I photographed Jessica and Daniel. I edited and re-edited, checked my notes for weeks until I was happy that I had produced the best images I could. In August I was ready to submit again. Then comes the long wait...until 21st of the next month.

Yesterday finally the day arrived and I rushed home from work to eagerly log on to the Guild site to see if my efforts had paid off. It reminded me of the day I collected my exam results from school! If you were in the Dunscroft area, you may have heard a loud squeal when I realised I had been awarded the Bronze bar for my photographs: 'Congratulations in achieving your Bronze Bar, which is only awarded to images of a strong standard in this national competition (something to be proud of)!'

So there you go - resolution number three, not only dare to submit, but actually achieve an award at a national standard!

Without doubt: "Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try"

What next? The road to silver ofcourse!




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Surprise - we're having a baby!

Surprise - we're having a baby!

Are you any good at keeping secrets? Well I have had to keep a very special secret for a couple of months and it's been so exciting! One of my very good clients messaged me in July, not long after her daughter, Rosie's second birthday photoshoot. She wanted to book another shoot...

Now Steph has booked a lot of photoshoots with me. I have photographed Rosie from her newborn shoot through the 'Watch them Grow' package, first Christmas, fairyshoot right up until her second birthday teddy bear's picnic shoot  - that's at least six times. But this was keen even for her! Then she revealed her big secret - she was pregnant and no one knew except her very nearest and dearest.

The next photoshoot was going to be the big reveal -a pregnancy announcement shoot featuring two year old Rosie. Over the next couple of months, like secret MI5 agents, we planned the photoshoot. Props were considered and purchased, whilst Steph tried to pass off her morning sickness at work as a bug!

So last Saturday, after much stealth planning, it was the big day. There was only one problem - would Rosie comply and join in our plan. Two year olds are notoriously one of the most difficult ages to photograph. They're cute,  they're mobile and certainly have a mind of their own!

So it wasn't without a degree of trepidation that I welcomed Steph and Rosie into the studio on Saturday. Lee was on hand with all his toys to try to amuse her. And guess what? Rosie was amazing! She did exactly as we asked - mum had trained her well and she was able to announce the exciting news that she was going to be a big sister in March 2017.

I can now officially say a big 'Congratulations' to Steph, Josh and Rosie and I can't wait to meet your new arrival in 2017 - well ofcourse Steph has already booked in her newborn shoot ;)



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Cake Smash and Splash!


Cake Smash and Splash!

Last weekend I had the last photoshoot session in the 'Watch them Grow' package with beautiful Evangeline. It didn't seem nearly a year since her first newborn baby photoshoot, but now we were celebrating her imminent first birthday milestone with a 'Cake Smash and Splash' shoot at my Dunscroft studio.

This is a special fun-packed celebration photoshoot ideal for young children ( although older ladies have asked me if they can celebrate their milestone birthdays this way too!). The session is split into three parts. Firstly, we start by capturing your child's personality with some beautiful portraits, then we move on to the cake smash fun and end with a foaming bubble bath.

Evangeline was first photographed in the very special dress she'll be wearing soon for Mummy & Daddy's wedding and she looked so angelic. Then after that, we changed her into a floral romper and showed her how to attack the cake with a couple of wooden spoons. Needless to say we all laughed to see Eva ditch the spoons and lean forward to bite a piece out of the scrummy cake!

It's always a little sad to complete the last photoshoot in a series, but I'm sure I'll see Evangeline again in the non too distant future. Once I get clients, I don't like to let them go!

For more information on Cake Smash photoshoots have a look here on my website:

Suitable soft icing cakes can be purchased at any large supermarket.

Evangeline's Mum chose this one from Sainsburys:


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Fairy Photoshoot Fun!    


Fairy Photoshoot Fun!

Last weekend I had eight little fairies in my Dunscroft Studio, as I held the last 'Woodland Fantasy' minishoot day of 2016. Themed minishoot days happen throughout the year and it's a great opportunity to have some fun portraits of your children at a greatly reduced cost and come away with at least two high resolution digital images. Each family has an appointment on the hour and each session is about 30-45 minutes. In this way I can hold six sessions in a day. We have great fun and can usually persuade our little fairies to sit in the scene for at least a little while!

For Fairyshoots (I do have elves and knights too for the boys!), I provide all the costumes and props, so there's no additional cost ... unless ofcourse you can't resist your photographs and opt to purchase them all on a disc! As they are high resolution images, they will enlarge to poster size easily and make great gifts for family members.

In October I shall be starting my Christmas minishoots. I can't wait! The sleigh is ready for action and I will be trying out a new Christmas scene in a couple of weeks to possibly add to the variety. Last year I couldn't accommodate all the requests for Christmas minishoots, so I've put on extra dates this year throughout October and November - and you guessed it, they're all booked!

If I do get any cancellations, I'll make them available on my Facebook Business page: ( so keep an eye on it.

In the past I've also done 'Let it Snow' minishoot days for those 'Frozen' fans and Pirate Days ... who know what next year will bring?

So if you are one of the Christmas minishoot families, I can't wait to meet you or catch up with you again, if you are one of my many loyal clients.


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Introducing beautiful baby Jenson


Introducing newborn baby Jenson

Last weekend in my Doncaster-based studio I had the pleasure of photographing newborn baby Jenson. He was only 9 days old and such a cutie! Mum had booked his first photoshoot early on in her pregnancy, which meant I was able to reserve two potential dates for her. It's a good job we did, because this little sleepy head decided he didn't want to arrive on time, so the second date we had chosen was the one best suited for his shoot.

In order to get those lovely sleepy shots, I aim to photograph the baby between 4 and 14 days old. After that the baby will be more likely to be awake and will start exploring the world with their arms, rather than being a little squishy bundle.

Jenson was a very contented baby and after several top ups, he relaxed into a 'milk drunk' state! This is perfect for me, as I can begin to gently pose him. Mum and Dad couldn't believe how compliant he became, even when he was undressed, which normally he hates.

However it is very important to state that posing a baby is not for the untrained.  A baby is a delicate, vulnerable bundle of life and I have been specially trained one to one in this area of photography, so that I understand all the aspects of photographing newborn babies safely. To ensure I keep up to date, I am a member of BANPAS (Baby and Newborn Photographers Association . They promote safe working practices amongst newborn and baby photography and help clients find photographers in their area.

So if you're planning a newborn shoot , remember to book early and to make sure the photographer has been suitably trained in this specialist field of photography - just like Jenson's Mum and Dad did. And you too will have some precious photographs to treasure forever and help to remind you of just how small and perfect your baby was at only a few days old.




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Watching them grow...

Watching them Grow...

Last weekend in my Doncaster-based Studio, I had the pleasure of photographing Ria-Mae for her second photoshoot. She is now nearly eight months old and able to sit up by herself (with a little wobble).It was an afternoon full of smiles and giggles, not to mention three backdrop changes and seven outfits !

I first photographed this cutie back in January for her newborn baby photoshoot when she was only 9 days old and so small, sleepy and vulnerable. Grandma and Mummy then opted for my 'Watch them Grow' three photoshoot package. So I will also get to celebrate her first birthday in December with a Cake Smash and a few Christmas photos on my snowy sleigh scene. We'll then finish this session with my favourite part, the bubble bath. I think it's going to be messy!

The 'Watch them Grow' package is such a joy for me as a photographer, as I get to capture those precious first year memories - from the perfection of the newborn baby, through the milestones of smiles, to the celebration of the first birthday.

What a privilege it is to be a small part of a family's journey!

For more information on the 'Watch them Grow' photoshoot package, please have a look here my website:




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Choosing your photographer


Choosing a photographer is a tricky business - I know as I've done the same thing over the years to capture my own growing family.

When I started taking photographs with a SLR over twenty years ago, not many people owned a good quality camera - now mobile phones take decent photos!

So with that in mind, how do you know you've chosen the right photographer for you, when there are lots of people offering you this service?

Here's some ideas that may help you:

  1. Have a look at their website - can you see a large variety of images that suit the style you have in mind? The photographer's style has to suit you. There is a photographer out there to suit everyone. And what about client comments - what do other people say about their experience on the guestbook page?
  2. How much experience does the photographer have in the particular area? This is especially important for newborn photoshoots as safety is paramount and you would expect that the photographer has been trained appropriately.
  3. Does the photographer have a studio? Would you need to travel to them or would they come to your home? A studio may offer you more variety with different backgrounds and props, but you may prefer not to travel.
  4. What information does the photographer tell you to prepare you for the shoot? A good photographer plans and therefore would want you to be well informed about the session.
  5. What products do they offer? If you have a particular outcome in mind, such as a canvas, can you see examples before you order?
  6. Find out about the pricing structure before you book. A good photographer has nothing to hide and all information about packages should be readily available.
  7. Beware cheap photographers - each session may take hours to shoot and twice as long at least to edit. If it seems cheap, the photographer may be inexperienced and you may not get the end product you are hoping for.
  8. When you chat to your photographer, does he or she sound friendly? This may sound obvious, but good photos often come from a relaxed atmosphere, so if your photographer has a natural rapport with children, you may get more natural smiles.
  9. Other things to consider include: does the photographer have professional insurance; are they members of any professional associations? A photographer who is keen to offer a professional service will have public liability and professional indemnity insurance and will be keen to progress in their chosen field though training and support offered by photography associations.
  10. Gut feeling! Usually this serves us well; if they sound great once you have asked the appropriate questions, then they probably are the photographer for you.

I hope you find this useful. Unfortunately my wedding photographer all those years ago did not provide the end product I hoped for and I've regretted it ever since, but that's my fault because I didn't ask the right questions!

Photography can be a big investment and the true worth of the end product can only be measured by the passing of time.






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Celebrating You !

Many of my clients know me best for my newborn baby photography, as that is often the place where their relationship begins with 'Theresa Elvin Photography'. I am lucky that many of my clients return again and again over the years to capture those precious milestones: the first giggle, the first birthday and ofcourse their baby's first Christmas minishoot.

Last weekend, however, I had the privilege of photographing a wonderful couple - Tina & Paul. They have been on a personal journey and have re-modelled themselves and as a consequence, their lifestyles. The portrait session was a celebration of their journey, their new svelte figures and their new zest for life. Both are keen dancers, so the photoshoot needed to reflect their passion and we had fun as they perfected their poses! But what was also clear, was their love and devotion to each other and I think the portraits of them together reflect this too.

It was a joy for me to be part of their journey and their celebration!

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